Wastewise grew from local opposition to numerous large scale garbage proposals in the area including The Acton Quarry Landfill proposal along with, at that time, 14 sites identified for incinerators in Halton Region with 5 of these being in Halton Hills.  The group P.O.W.E.R. (Protect our Water and Environmental Resources) had formed to battle the large corporation that wanted to install a landfill in the quarry located on the 3rd line in Acton.  In 1990 a splinter group of like minded local citizens including Keith Mustard, Rita Landry, and Diane van de Valk formed a group called F.O.A.D (Furiously Opposed Acton Dump) and while fighting the landfill battle they along with Fraser Robin and others banded together to form an alternative solution.  

Loosely based on an idea from California, called Urban Ore  a reuse and recycling facility based on the idea of “Zero Waste” -  the idea for Wastewise was conceived and after much grant and proposal writing $300,000 in federal and provincial dollars was received for seed and operating costs for the first 3 years.  On April 1st 1991 we opened our door.  The centre was to be a one stop shop where residents had a place to drop off and purchase reusable items, drop off recyclables and to have an opportunity to learn more about issues concerning the environment while also participating in a hands on manner as a volunteer.  

Now in our 21st year Wastewise is still going strong and in a position to give back to the community.  In 2011 we were extremely pleased to give over $19,000 to various groups and organizations.  The Board Members and staff wish to thank all volunteers, shoppers, donators and businesses who have supported us over the years.