ring your stuff to Wastewise during regular business hours. For large items such as furniture call 905 873 8122 before the delivery.

• Nice Re-Usable Furniture (Please Call Us at 905-873-8122 Before Delivering Large Items)
• Clean, Washed Clothing, and Shoes
• Tools, Sport and Camping Gear and Equipment
• Bikes, Scooters, Boards, Skis etc.
• Household Items (Glass, Pictures, Frames, Lighting, Small Appliances, School Supplies)
• Clean Usable Toys and Kids’ Items
• Clean Books, Magazines, DVDs, CDs, Records
• Luggage, Backpacks, Purses
• Gardening and Hobby Items (In Season)
• Seasonal Items (Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc.).
• E-WASTE and Metal– we accept all metal and e-waste, in any condition (working or not)

• Broken, Dirty, Mouldy, Ripped, Unsafe Items
• Unwashed Clothing or Shoes
• Pressboard or Damaged Furniture, Loose Shelving
• Used Plastic, WHS Tapes
• Burnt or Pirated Music or Movies
• Large Appliances
• Construction Materials, Loose Glass or Mirror Sheets
• Used Toilets, Sinks, Counters
• Out-of-Season Clothing and Items
• Used Pillows, Cushions, Old Luggage
• Binders, Loose Pages, Damaged Books
• Items We Are Not To Re-Sell: Baby Car Seats, Helmets, Paint, Chemicals Etc.
• Used Undergarments, Such as Underwear, Socks and Brasserie

Would you reuse an item? Then donate it to us!